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Wied, Maximilian Prinz wu Wied-Neuwied

Reise nach Brasilien in den Jahren 1815-1817

Frankfurt am Main, Broenner, 1821/1822

(Borba Morais II 43; Sabin 47018; Bosch 321)

Both text volumes in their original, editors cloth binding, untrimmed, book block: 30,5x24,5 cm, printed title to the spine. The prints of both atlas volumes uncut and loose in their original, editors printed portfolios. Original size of the sheets: 52,5x 29,5cm. As issued.

Text Vol I: title page; second title page; 16 nn lvs; 380 pp; 3 nn lvs

11 full page copper plate stipple engravings. Original loose separation leaves, slight overall browning; incidental marginal spotting.

Atlas to go with Vol I : 16 sheets in its original printed portfolio, some ties broken; plates untrimmed; authentic separating leaves:

11 lithoss, B/W as issued, clean;

3 handcoloured, lithoghraphed plates;

1 folded map (Arrowsmith, coast of Brasil, in OL colour) and

1 single sheet map (New road from Visto Alegre to Minas Novas)

Text Vol II: title page, second title page; 7 nn lvs; 346 pp.

8 copper plate stiple engravings, slight overall browning. Bookblock loosening from binding one gathering with spotting. Else fine

Atlas to go with Volume II: 9 sheets, untrimmed, in its original printed portfolio, ties intact, authentic separation leaves:

6 lithos (15-20), B/W as issued, clean

2 handcoloured lithos

1 folded map: the northern part of the coast of Brasil by Arrowsmith, also in OL colour.

This set, the first edition of Prince Wieds famous description of Brasil, is commendable because it is an unchanged, authentic copy.

Price: € 12000

Schlieben, W.E.A. von

Atlas von Europa

Das Kaiserthum Russland

Leipzig, Gorschen, 1829

Oblong folio (26x34,5cm)

Contemporary carton, covered with printed paper

Title printed on the cover

Title page (with index in verso)

20 numbered leaves (text, detailed index)

25 printed maps (complete), handcoloured in outline

Excellent, original condition. Bright colouring

Atlas is part of a series of atlases, produced in separate deliveries. This one, Russia, being delivery nr 13, covers European Russia (including Finland, excluding Poland) in great detail. Last map is Russian America (not in Lada Mocarski; not in Postnikov: The mapping of Russian America).

The map showing the discoveries on the American side of Behrings Strait: Shishmarew Bay, Sarichgev Island, Eshscholts Bay, Kotsebue Sound, discoveries made by Kotsebue during his 1815-1818 circumnavigation, so the atlas is well up to date.

Price: € 6000

Paz Soldan, Mariano Felipe

Atlas geografico del Peru

Paris, Libreria del Fermin Didot. 1865

(not in Phillips but compare Phillips atlases 2769; not in Sabin but compare Sabin 59326)

Gran folio: (paper 51x41 cm); contemporary boards. Title on spine

45 (folding) maps; 27 plates & photolithographic images on 67 numbered sheets plus 6 extra numbered sheets. Includes general map of Peru and the large folding view of Arequipa.

Condition: Excellent.

This atlas is to be considered a proofprint, preceding the two first editions, printed before the government subsidy was given and the first edition was printed : one in Spanish, the other in French.

The proof edition is characterised by a rustic manner of binding, one title page only (two in the first edition), in black and white (red and black in first edition); 11 maps (map 2;5;7;17;30;36;39) and plates printed in colour (black and white in the first edition), no text (whereas the first edition has 82 lvs of text). This proof edition of the atlas is printed for the Libreria de Fermin Didot hermanos, by the Impresores del Instituto de Francia (title page).

The first edition does have two title pages. The first is the same text as the title page of this proofprint, but with different type and in two colours (black & red). The first edition has an additional title page which shows this to be the official edition as it is dedicated to the Presidente y gran libertador Ramon Castilla, and this edition is printed at the expense of the Government of Peru. On this second title page the atlas is printed for the Libreria de Agusto Durand and is printed by Ad. Laine and Y Lavard. So a different bookshop that orders the printing and a different printer!! This first edition does have 82 leaves of text, but the maps are printed in B/W only. The map on mineralogy and two plates at the end however ARE in colour.

Price: € 15000