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le Moyne

Floridae Americae Provinciae.... descriptio

Frankfurt, De Bry. 1591

(Burden nr 79; Virga pp46/47; Garret in Map Collector (1979/9); Schwartz/Ehrenberg p 82)

Copperplate engraving, later colour, heightened in gold

36,5x45 cm

Source: Brevis narratio... (de Bry, Grands Voyages, part II)

Jaques le Moyne accompanied Laudonniere on the second voyage of the French Huguenots to establish themselved in Florida (1564). The first expedition was two years earlier (1562). A small group of would be colonists had been left behind at the Charles fortress. Shortly after arrival the Spaniards attacked the new settlement. Le Moyne was among the few French survivors of the attack. On his return to Europe he first arrived in England where he stayed the rest of his life. Theodor de Bry went to London and eventually bought the original le Moyne drawings. The original of the map has since disappeared.

The map is a founding map in the cartography of Florida. It shows water at the northern border, representing Verazzanos concept of a small isthmus between the two oceans. Floridas interior carries the stories the Indians told the new colonists about the interior.

Price: € 10000

Marzolla, B.

Nuova California

Napoli, 1851


slight marginal foxing, original outline handcolouring

(Wheat 714)

Based on the original map by H. Ferry with additions by Marzolla. Extensive text in Italian, explaining natural conditions, administration and history of the country.

Early map indicating mineral riches, including gold at the start of the goldrush.

Price: € 800

Mortier, Pierre

Carte particuliere de la CAROLINE

Amsterdam, 1700, first state from Suite de Neptune François by Pierre Mortier, originally made by Sanson in 1626


original outline colour

(Burden II, 768; Cumming 121;)

Caroline was only established in 1663, so this is a very early map.

Price: € 2600

Mortier, Pierre

Golfe de Mexique



original hand colour, without its own cartouche

One part of a wall map of 4 sheets, showing in great detail the Texas coastline and the coast of the northern part of Mexico.

Price: € 3800

Covens & Mortier


Amsterdam, 1730


original hand colour

slight browning, else excellent conditon

Highly attractive map of Russia and Siberia, still showing Nova Zembla as part of the continent, undecided whether the Street of Anian open or closed.

Price: € 1200

Covens & Mortier

Carte des Pays voisin de la MER CASPIENNE

Amsterdam, 1730


contemporary full colour

slight browning, else excellent condition

tiny whole of 2x5mm, hardly visible

Detailed map of the Caspian Sea.

Price: € 250

De Fer, Nicolas

L'Asie, dressée selon les dernières Relations... de l'Academie Royale des Sciences


47x60cm, original outline colour, restored and rebacked

From: l'Atlas Curieux. Engraved by Herman van Loon, this map was dedicated to the Children of France.First edition on a large scale of the earlier map by de Fer: Suivant les Nouvelles. The cartouches are more elaborately ornamented. De Fer's general map of Asia does introduce one new feature: a continuous landbridge extending from northern Korea and eastern Siberia across to the American Northwest. (Antiques of the Orient, Mapping the Continent of Asia, # 83)

Early edition with rare cartouche in the left upper corner.

Price: € 1200

van Keulen, Gerard

Afteekening van de RIVIER van LONDON of RIVER THAMES Afteekening van de IARMOUTHSE BANKEN.... NOORD ZEE



later hand colour, lower margin cut short, just affecting the neatline, good condition

Chart from Zeefakkel II, showing the Thames River and the Iarmouth Banks on the east coast of England

Price: € 400

Speed, J.

A New Mape of eY XVII Provinces of Low Germanie


42 x 53.5cm (16.4 x 20.9 inches)

Verso text in English

Later colour, excellent.

From: A Prospect of the Most Famous Parts of the World London, Th. Bassett & R. Chiswell, 1676.

Price: € 1500

Doncker, Hendrick

Pas-kaart van EUROPA ... kust van Africa tot aen Cabo verde



later colour, on double paper as usual for charts.

(Koeman, Don5A)

From: De Zee-Atlas of Water-Waerelt, Vertoonende alle de Zee-Kusten Van het bekende des Aerd-Bodems Met een generale beschrijvinge der selve:Seer dienstigh voor Schippers en Stuur-lieden, mitsgaders Kooplieden om op 't Kantoor gebruckt te worden. ... t' Amsterdam, By Hendrick Doncker, 1665.

Price: € 1800

de Wit F.

Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Tabula Auctore F. de Wit


43,5x55,5cm - later colour - excellent condition

1st state

From: 'De Zee-Atlas Ofte Water-Wereld... By Hendrik Doncker... Anno 1660

(Shirley # 421).

The two hemispheres of De Wit's first world map are reduced with minor amendments from Blaeu's classic wall map of 1648. De Wit has not included the large inland sea in North America nor the piece of land marked Yedso north of Japan.

A decoratively coloured and attractive map, not very common and thus rarely found.

Price: € 6200

Covens & Mortier

Carte de la Louisiane et du Cours du Mississipi


45x60,5cm - original colour - excellent condition

Nice full colour map depicting Louisiana and the course of the Mississipi

Price: € 1800

Covens & Mortier

l'Amerique Septentrionale


48x59cm - original colour - only very slightly browned, else excellent condition

This map was drawn and edited in Amsterdam on the observations of the members of the Royal Academy of Sciences e.a. as depicted by De l'Isle, showing the eastcoast of the Americas from Baffins Bay to the northern coastline of South America.

Price: € 2200

Fries, L.

Orbis Typus Universalis...


33x48,5cm - no text on verso - later colour - slight browning in the central fold.

Printed map number (50)

In contrast to its Waldseemüller 1513 predecessor this map shows a westcoast of the Americas from about 25 degrees North to 45 degrees South, and, even more important, it puts the continents into a framework of longitude and latitude, something missing in the previous maps.

The mapnumer - 50 - appears printed in recto, whereas there is no text nor mapnumber in verso.

Price: € 4800


Vicariati Apostolici nella China e Regni Adiacenti

1858 - Originally coloured lithograph - 49x63cm.
Price: € 1800

Staunton, G.L.

Route de Pékin

Engraved by Tardieu the Elder in France, 1798. B/W as issued. 66x46,5 cm. Clear print and good condition.

Officially : Carte sur laquelle est tracé la Route qu'a suivie l'Ambassade Anglaise depuis ZHE-HOL en TARTARIE, jusqu'à PEKIN, en de PEKIN à HAN-CHO-FOO, en CHINE. A very detailed map of this travel, showing the Great Wall in the North.

Price: € 400

Forster, G.

Charte von der Südlichen Halbkugel

No place, but Berlin, no date but 1778. Copper plate engraving 39x45 cm, B/W as issued. (Clancey, 1995; G. Forster)

An exact copy of the map of the Chart of the Southern hemisphere, published in Forster's English edition of a Voyage around the World. Our copy from the slightly later German translation lacks the surrounding texts, found in the English version of the map. George Forster, son of Johann Reinhold Forster, who participated in Cook's second voyage (1772-1775) to find the famous South Land. The your Forster was a brilliant writer and botanist. His book: J.R. Forster A Voyage Around The World (London 1777) was translated in German and published under the title Johann Reinhold Forster's Reise um die Welt, by Haude & Spener in Berlin in 1778. The young Forster drew 301 botanical and 271 zoological drawings during the voyage.

Price: € 1400

Schenck, P.

Aethiopia Inferior vel Exterior

1680 - original colour - 38x50 cm. Originally engraved by Blaeu.

Very nice map of South Africa on strong solid paper and with large margins. In good condition.

Price: € 600

Sagarra, Louis

Fernando Poo

Nuevo Mapa de Fernando Poo por los PP. Misioneros - Barcelona, 1901. Contemporary coloured lithograph with inset of Santa Isabel. 92x60 cm

Large and very detailed missionary map of the island of Fernando Poo, in the Gulf of Guinea (westcoast of Africa).

Price: € 1200

Grimmel, J.

Fluvius Newa

c. 1743 - B/W copper plate engraving - 46,5x61,5 cm - lower margin added contemporarily to fit into the Atlas Russicus. This map shows the course of the Neva River. Text in Russian and Latin.

One of a set of maps of the surroundings of new St. Petersburg/Lago Ladoga. This series appeared without any date and there are no traces of publication in documents of the Akademiya Nauk (Bagrow II, p 184). They were probably published by the end of 1743. It should be noted that the aforementioned series of maps were all repeated in a new edition by Seutter in Wien (Bagrow).

Price: € 1000