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Bertelli, Ferando

Prima Tavola (Africa)

1565 - B/W as issued - large margins added

This rare map is a close copy of the Ramusio-Gastaldi copperplate engraved map of 1563, but has a text box in the upper right corner. The map shows extensive information on the Portuguese ports on the east coast of Africa. It was published by Ferando Bertelli in 1565 as a separate map. It also appeared in Italian composite atlases from this period. The copperplate that made this map was engraved in 1564 by Niccolo Nelli. (Betz # 10).

Price: € 9000

de Bry Th.


1601 - B/W as issued

From the Petits Voyages, Part III

Sharp print, some browning on the fold, else excellent copy with large margins

Price: € 240

Janssonius, J.


c. 1640 - original colour

Nice map of Northern Africa on strong paper, wide margins and some browning.

Price: € 380

Janssonius, J.


1640 - Original colour, heigthened with gold.

Beautiful map of the Ethiopia, with outstanding quality of original colour. Very large margins. Mint.

Price: € 800

Blaeu, Willem

Fezzae et Marocchi

c. 1640 - Original colour

Slight browning.

Beautiful copy on strong paper

Classical map of Morocco, originally made by Ortelius.

Price: € 450

Schenck, P.

Aethiopia Inferior vel Exterior

1680 - original colour - 38x50 cm. Originally engraved by Blaeu.

Very nice map of South Africa on strong solid paper and with large margins. In good condition.

Price: € 600

Ottens, J.


1745 - chart of the West coast of Africa - later colour
Price: € 400

Schraemble F.A.


1789 -

B/W as issued.

Map of the Cape Province in South Africa, much in detail. Good copy with large margins, tiny brown spot (near Robben Eyland)

Price: € 800

Sagarra, Louis

Fernando Poo

Nuevo Mapa de Fernando Poo por los PP. Misioneros - Barcelona, 1901. Contemporary coloured lithograph with inset of Santa Isabel. 92x60 cm

Large and very detailed missionary map of the island of Fernando Poo, in the Gulf of Guinea (westcoast of Africa).

Price: € 1200