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Keulen, J. van

Paskaart van de Grand Banq (Canada)

1716. Zeefakkel Part IV.

Detailed chart of the Great Bank in front of Newfoundland, important as fishing grounds.

Price: € 600

Ottens, J.

Septentrionaliora Americae

1745 (1680) Amsterdam

Original colour

Green burning into the paper in Greenland only. Rebacked.

Price: € 1800

Zatta Antonio

La Baja d'Hudson

1778 Venice - 29,7 x 40 cm - original O.L. colour - good condition

Can be bought as a set with Zatta's map shown above.

Price: € 200

Gall & Inglis

Map of Canada and Arctic Regions of North America

Edinburgh c. 1850 - original handcoloured - good condition

Interesting map while the boundary with Russia is still settled at 53 degrees west (1825) and the northwest passage not yet open.

Price: € 220