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de Bry Th.

San Salvador

1634 - Grands Voyages XIII - Original colour

Very rare map of the port of San Salvador in Brasil, as the last parts of the Grands Voyages of de Bry (after part IX) are extremely rare, let alone in original colour.

Price: € 850


(Argentina) Carta Particolare dell Rio della Plata, Carta XX


Large, typical and detailed chart of the entrance of Rio de la Plata in B/W as issued.

48x75 cm.

Brown stain in the upper margin, not affecting the plate.

Else excellent.

Price: € 3200

Doncker, Hendrick

Zuyder deel van America

Amsterdam 1676 - 52 x 61 cm - original colour - left margin missing 1 cm and top margin missing 2 cm

Striking chart from Hendrick Doncker's sea atlas "WATERWERELD", showing the southern half of South America, from Peru to Tierra del Fuego with an inset of the mouth of the Rio de la Plata. In the middle of the map an inset of parts of Guatemala and Nicaragua. (Koeman Don 16)

Price: € 1750

Covens & Mortier

America Meridionalis

1720 - original colour

Fine print on strong paper, nicely coloured and in excellent condition.

Price: € 800

Ottens, J.

NIeuwe Gemeten Kaart van de Colonie de BERBICE

Amsterdam 1740 (in two sheets, measuring together 49x96,5cm) - original colour - with inset : Nieuwe Kaart van de Rivier Berbice en Suriname. Excellent condition.

cfr. Koeman, Bibliography of Printed Maps of Suriname 1671-1971, # 254, but without at the bottom : "Lijst der Plantagien gelegen op de Rivieren De Berbice en Canje"

Price: € 1800