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de Wit F.


1660 - Carte à figures, B/W - 1st state. (Schilder VI, 29.1)

Very rare map in mint condition

Price: € 2500

Speed, J.

A New Mape of eY XVII Provinces of Low Germanie


42 x 53.5cm (16.4 x 20.9 inches)

Verso text in English

Later colour, excellent.

From: A Prospect of the Most Famous Parts of the World London, Th. Bassett & R. Chiswell, 1676.

Price: € 1500

Homann J.B.

Hiberniae Regnum

c. 1730

Original colour

Excellent copy, nice contemporary colour and two cartouches in B/W, coast of England in contemporary outline colour.

Price: € 500

van Keulen, Gerard

Afteekening van de RIVIER van LONDON of RIVER THAMES Afteekening van de IARMOUTHSE BANKEN.... NOORD ZEE



later hand colour, lower margin cut short, just affecting the neatline, good condition

Chart from Zeefakkel II, showing the Thames River and the Iarmouth Banks on the east coast of England

Price: € 400