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Fries, L.

Orbis Typus Universalis...


33x48,5cm - no text on verso - later colour - slight browning in the central fold.

Printed map number (50)

In contrast to its Waldseemüller 1513 predecessor this map shows a westcoast of the Americas from about 25 degrees North to 45 degrees South, and, even more important, it puts the continents into a framework of longitude and latitude, something missing in the previous maps.

The mapnumer - 50 - appears printed in recto, whereas there is no text nor mapnumber in verso.

Price: € 4800

Apianus, P.


(1548) 1575 - B/W as issued (Shirley 96) - SPANISH VERSION

Small (19x27,5cm) map of the world from Apianus' Cosmographia. Mint condition

Price: € 6200

de Wit F.

Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Tabula Auctore F. de Wit


43,5x55,5cm - later colour - excellent condition

1st state

From: 'De Zee-Atlas Ofte Water-Wereld... By Hendrik Doncker... Anno 1660

(Shirley # 421).

The two hemispheres of De Wit's first world map are reduced with minor amendments from Blaeu's classic wall map of 1648. De Wit has not included the large inland sea in North America nor the piece of land marked Yedso north of Japan.

A decoratively coloured and attractive map, not very common and thus rarely found.

Price: € 6200

Danckerts, Cornelis, II

Nieuw Aerdsch Pleyn

(1660?) c. 1690 - original colour (Shirley 582)

Rare map of the world made by Robyn/Danckerts and illustrated by Herrewyn. Very nice contemporary colour, which makes it a spectacular map. Showing the world projected from the north pole.

Price: € 6200

Zurner, Adam Friedrich

Planisphaerium Terrestre

Amsterdam c. 1700 - 505 x 575 mm - strong paper, original colour

This map has been made for Pieter Schenk. It shows the routes of various explorers, a.o. Dampier. Encircling the two hemispheres are markings of winds and set around the border 26 smaller astronomical diagrams and hemispheres of the world, according to different projections. Furthermore, two larger celestial hemispheres and, at the bottom, a panorama illustrating tempests, earthquakes, etc. Below, textual commentary on the natural phenomena depicted. Zurner's striking map was sometimes included in copies of Pieter Schenk's Atlas Contractus, which was published from c. 1700 (Shirley 639).

Price: € 4200