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Lilius, Zacharias

Lilius, Zacharias


1. Orbis breviarum

2. No title: including Contra Antipodes

3. Gloria gaudiis beatorum

In small quarto (18,5x13,5 cm). All three, recased in XVII century, plain vellum.

Part one: Orbis breviarum

Venice, de Gregoriis, circa 1500

(Hain 10100; Goff L 220)

In quarto; 98 nn lvs

24 woodcut historiated inititals

One OT and one zonal worldmap (A 6 in verso)

His orbis breviarum remained for a long time a popular manual of Geography and Cosmology (Norderskiold). Earlier editions in Florence (1493) and Naples (1496)

Part two: no title

Florence, Bonaccorsi. 1496

(Hain10103; BMC VI 675; Harisse 17; Sabin 41067; JCB I p 24; Riccardi Vol 2: 41.1)

In small quarto. Recased in old, plain vellum. Leaves a1 and a2 with marginal restorations, including some letters in manuscript. Seven leaves in good facsimile on old paper. Heavily but well restored copy.

65 (of 72) nn leaves as follows:

Title and authorisation: leaf 1

(1) De origine...scientiarum 29 leaves (2-30). Leaf 29 (e 1) in facsimile

(2) Contra antipodes...12 leaves (31-42). Leaf 37 (e 8) in facsimile

(3) De miseria hominis... 19 leaves (43-61). Leaf 54 (h1) in facsimile

Letter of dedication 2 leaves (62 & 63). Leaf 63 in facsimile

(4) De ventorum... 4 leaves (64-67), including two full page woodcuts:

* Figura octo ventorum (I 4, in recto)

* Figura duodecidem ventorum (including T-O worldmap) (I4, in verso)

(not in Shirley; Campbell 86)

(5) Vita Carolus Magnus 3 leaves (68-70) Leaf 70 (I7) in facsimile

Leave 71: register and (in verso) a device, repeated 3 times, probably the arms of the Piscia family who ordered the book printed.

The TO worldmap (Shirley nr 1; Campbell, nr 86) is surrounded by the 12 winds, each named. This TO worldmap, as the first one printed (in 1472), but more like an extended version of the Dati worldmap (Dati: La sfera, Florence, c 1495) (Campbell, nrs 71 and 72). The map in this part first appeared in Lilius Orbis breviarum (Florence 1493) in red & black and is described by Campbell as the "basic map reduced to its simplest form"

In his second treatise: Contra antipodes, when talking about islands in the oceans of the world Lilius remarks under the heading Navigatione Oceani Maris (folio f2 in verso) that ..ut quo tempore navigatus fit oceanus paucis exponant: ... Rex Hispaniae ut fuerunt in dies ad exploranda nova littera, naves mandat that is " (an Ocean) little known in spite of earlier voyages... where the King of Spain sends his ships to explore new coasts" .

On Lilius 1496: no copies sold in the Anglo-Saxon world through auction in the last 30 years. Sabin: "extremely rare " .

Part three: De Gloria et gaudiis beatorum                    

including: Descriptio orbium caelestium

Venice, Bevilacqua. 1501

(Adams L674)

70 nn leaves, complete.

First and only edition of three tracts of the Armenian bishop and cosmographer Zacharia Lilio.

Treatise 1: De uno Deo

Treatise 2: De imortalitate anime

Treatise 3: Descriptio orbium caelestium

In this last treatise the sky and its inhabitants and phenomena are described and analysed according to classical writers and the church authorities.

Lilius (or Zacaria Lilio) was born in Vienna 1452 and died in 1522. He was bishop de Sebasti in Armenia. That this Sammelband is presented in spite of its shortcomings has three reasons. First it is extremely rare. Second it contains two early TO worldmaps. Third it is an early, very early Americana (Harisse, nr 17!!!)

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