Zurner, Adam Friedrich

Zurner, Adam Friedrich

Planisphaerium Terrestre

Amsterdam c. 1700 - 505 x 575 mm - strong paper, original colour

This map has been made for Pieter Schenk. It shows the routes of various explorers, a.o. Dampier. Encircling the two hemispheres are markings of winds and set around the border 26 smaller astronomical diagrams and hemispheres of the world, according to different projections. Furthermore, two larger celestial hemispheres and, at the bottom, a panorama illustrating tempests, earthquakes, etc. Below, textual commentary on the natural phenomena depicted. Zurner's striking map was sometimes included in copies of Pieter Schenk's Atlas Contractus, which was published from c. 1700 (Shirley 639).

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