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Acosta, Manuel

Historia rerum a Societate Iesu in Oriente...

De Japonicis rebus epistolarum, Libri IIII... - Recentium de rebus Indicis... ad annum 1570. Paris, Michael Sonnium, 1572 (Streit IV, nr 956 ; Cordier, Japan, col. 59 ; Bunko 66 ; Sommervogel V, col. 294). In octavo - contemporary blindstamped pigskin over wooden boards - original clasps - plates soiled. Mint condition.

Part I : Acostas Historia das Missions da Oriente ... translated in Latin by Maffei. Part II (from lf 46 onwards) : the 40 most important Jesuit letters from Japan (between 1548 and 1564). Includes the first Jesuit letter from Japan ever (Paulo Japao, 3/12/1548) in Latin. Part III (from folio 200 onwards) : update with Jesuit letters from the Indies from 1568, 1569 and 1580. Second edition (first, Dillingen 1571) of the first history of the Jesuits involvement in Asia. The third part, the Rebus Indicis, are letters of 1568-1570. They are published here for the first time (Streit). Japan letters from Paulus Japonicus ; Franciscus Xaverius ; Cosmus Turrianus ; Gaspar Vilela ; Aloisius Frois and others (see Cordier col. 54, 55, 56, 57 and 58). For the letters between 1568 and 1570 see Streit IV, nr 956.

Price: € 12500

Ribadineira, Pedro S.J.

Historia von dem Leben und Wandel Ignatii Loyole

Ingollstadt, Sartorius. 1590 (de Backer-Sommervogel I,119.3 ; Palau 266 258)

In quarto; contemporary tooled pigskin over wooden boards, original clasps, 18 nn lvs; 564 pages (last blank). Title in black & red, within engraved border ; in verso of title: magnificent portrait of the Saint,

surrounded by ten pictures that document his life.

First edition in German of this, the most famous biography of Saint Ignatio de Loyola, founder of the Jesuit order, by one of the first group of Jesuits. First known version of the "Vita" is May 1569 (manuscript in Spanish in the National Library of Spain), the first printed edition (in Latin) is Naples, 1572; in Spanish 1583; in German 1590 (this edition). De Backer-Sommervogel describes this edition under Jean Albert SJ, the supposed translator from the Latin text. However in the general listing and discussion of the many Vitae of Ignacius, the same authors assign the translation to Theobald Stolz, SJ whose known translation was only published in 1614 (Sommervogel VI. 1728).

Price: € 2400

Xavier, Francisco

Epistolarum, libri IV (ex Hispano in Latinum conversi ab Turcellino)

Antwerp, Plantijn 1657 (Palau 290.891 ; Luares 465 ; Cordier 167).

In 16, rebound in old vellum, in modern slipcase.

52 missionary letters of San Xavier between 1542 and 1552, the year of his death, translated by Oracio Torcellino, first biographer of San Xavier.

Price: € 500

Archdekin, Richard S.J.

Praecipuae Controversiae

Lovanii, Masius 1671 (Sweeney 192 ; Sweeney 199).

In octavo, contemporary vellum (17,5x10,5 cm). 6 nn lvs; 510 pp; 4 nn lvs (index & privilegios), that is : pp 89-336 : resolutiones theologicae (own title page 1671) ;

pp 337-411 : apparatus ad doctrinam sacram (with index in big letters) ;

pp 412-510 : praxis concionandis ;

plus extra : 8 lvs (pp 61-76) : De Constancia Hiberniae in Religione Romana

Different manuscript owners entries and stamps at the title page. Excellent copy.

Sweeney mentions this book (nr 192) but does not give its full collation. He gives the book an "XR" on the rarity index, that is : "extremely rare, only known by a handful of copies". Our copy to be the complete edition of Sweeney 192.

There is however the highly interesting text "De constancia Hiberniae in religione Romana..." This additional text seems to be taken from another printing in Louvain by the same printer, as the pages carry a different signature and are numbered from 61 onwards. Moreover, it constitutes a complete text on 1200 years of Christian oppression in Ireland,including privileges and censor authorisation. Indeed, Sweeney mentions this text as an annex to another book, printed in Louvain in 1671: Vitae et Miraculorum Santi Patricii Hiberniae (Sweeney 199).

The Kilkenny born Archdekin was a long term Jesuit professor of philosophy and theology at Louvain and Antwerp (Sweeney)

Price: € 3400

Ferreira, Manuel

Noticias Summarias das Perseguisoes... da Companhia de JESU

Lisboa, Manescal, 1700 (Pinto de Matos, p 260 ; Streit 1460 ; Maggs, Biblioteca Asiatica, part V (1929), pp 29/30). Not in Palau.

In folio, contemporary free end papers, contemporary calf, spine restored, raised bands & (later) gilt. A few leaves browned, else in fine, original condition. With slipcase.

E livro raro e estimado (Pinto de Matos). Palau mentions only one booklet by this author: Ferreira Manuel: breve compendio succesos de la Mision del Reyno de Tunquin en los anos 1674 a 1675 (Palau 90236) sin lugar, Folio, 9 hojas.

Christianity came to Indochina at the beginning of the XVI century. The Tonkin mission was founded by Jesuits in 1627. Their severe persecution began in 1680 and lasted for over a 100 years. This work describes the early years of that persecution (after Maggs).

Ferreira (S.J.) was born in Lisbon in 1630 and acted twice as Jesuit missionary in "India". The first time he was sent out to India proper in 1658, where he suffered persecution and imprisonment. His second mission was to Tonquin (An Nam in the text; Vietnam today) in 1694, where again he suffered persecutions. Beside the booklet described by Palau, and this book (without his name), Ferreira wrote an Annamite/ Portuguese dictionary that remained in manuscript (Maggs). Ferreira died in Macao in 1699.

Price: € 8200

Various authors

Colleccao dos breves potificos e leys..

Lisboa, Secretaria do estado; Oficina de Miguel Rodrigues y o (1759) .

Publicados desde 1741 sobre liberdade. Das pessoas, bens y comercio dos Indios do Brasil.

(Borba de Moraes I, pp 165; Borba Morais II, pp 175 -french edition) ; In folio. Pleno cuero de epoca (4 nn leaves: title page plus indices I-XXI) (Anadido posteriormente: Carta de Santa Teresa de Jesus (con una xilographia de la Santa) del siglo XVI) - Coleccion de XXI documentos, cartas numerados , mas otros 4 no numerados en apoyo a la expulsion de los jesuitas de Brasil y otros paises del Reino en 1758. En comparacion con el ejemplar que menciona Borba de Moaes, tienen otro sitio tres hojas de indice- que aca estan al inicio del texto) y falta el suplemento de 1760.

Este coleccion parece tener todos los documentos sobre el tema (expulsion de los Jesuitas) hasta diciembre 1759. Borba Morais no especifica los documentos de la Coleccao y da ademas como fecha de publicacion 1755 (sic!!). Nuestra coleccion esta aparentemente completa en si.

Price: € 1800

Various authors

Coleccion General de las Providencias.... de la Compania (de Jesus)...

Madrid, Imprenta Real de la Gazeta, 1767 (Palau 56516).

Three parts in one volume. In quarto, contemporary vellum. Complete.

Palau gives a different collation, but the book is complete, notwithstanding some faults in the numbering. Collection of laws and orders for the possessions of the Jesuits.

Price: € 1200

Tiefentaller, Joseph de (S.J.)

Carte generale du cours du Gange et du Gagra                     

Paris, Du Perron. 1784

(Gole, 1983: 102 2.1; Sommervogel, Vol VIII, column 21 & 22; Edney p 133) 59x75 cm, black & white as issued, copper plate engraving. Slight, overall browning. Else fine

A rare and fundamental map in the history of cartography of India.

Tieffenthaller (born 1710) was a Jesuit who worked and travelled India (1742-1785). He used his knowledge of the higher Ganges area to draw this map, which was published in Paris in 1784 and used by Rennell for his pioneering work on the cartography of that country. Notably but not surprisingly for a Jesuit he used and credited local cartographical sources where commentaries are written in Persian, the language of official use in large parts of India at the time.

Price: € 6000


Historia Religiosa, Politica y Literaria de la Compañia de Jesus

Barcelona 1853 - 1858. 6 Volumes in octavo, full contemporary leather. Vol. 1 : marginal damp staining, stronger at the end, not affecting the text. (Palau 64.416)

Extensive history of the Jesuits first 300 years.

Price: € 520