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Ceita, Fr. Joao de

Quadragena de Sermoens

1619 Lisboa.

Folio, contemporary limp vellum binding.

6; 307; 24 folios

5 woodcuts in the text

First edition of this text. All the works of Father Ceita are always highly esteemed as a classic of our language and it is not easy to find them (Pinto de Matos, p. 151)

Price: € 1500

Lapi, Michelangelo

Vita del servo di Dio D. Torivio

Rome, N. Tinassi.


In 4to.

(4) 315 (2) pp.

Contemporary limp vellum.

Title page with coat of arms of Pope Alexander VII and portrait by G. Valet.

Very rare, only one copy in public libraries in Spain (Patrimonio).

Price: € 2400

Puente, Luis de la

Vida maravillosa de la venerable virgen.....

Madrid, viuda de Nieto. 1665

Folio, 2 volumes, contemporary vellum

16 leaves (including engraved frontispiece and plate, portrait of the virgin)

534 pp; 17 leaves

12 leaves (engraved frontispiece and plate, portrait of the virgin)

536 pp; 14 leaves

Excellent copy

Price: € 1800

Torre, Francisco de la

El peregrino atlante...San Francisco Xavier

Valencia, Villagrasa, 1670. (This edition not in Palau or Cordier Japonica, but compare with Cordier, Japonica 145). Small in quarto, contemporary vellum. Frontis surrounded by an engraved band. 22 nn lvs; 326 pp (= 304 pp). Printed on bad paper and overall slightly dirty. Damaged margins of first and last leaves restored, no loss of text. Complete according to bibliographical sources.

Very rare first edition of the life of San Francisco Xavier, founding father of the Jesuit mission in the Far East. Neither Palau nor Cordier had seen this edition and give a Lisbon edition of 1674 as the first edition. There are later editions in Barcelona (1695) and Madrid (1728 and 1731).

Price: € 6000

Lobo, Jerome

A short relation of the River Nile

London, Martin 1673. (cfr. Gray 2657). In octavo, contemporary calf, restored. 56 lvs. Complete.

Father Lobo (S.J.), 1593-1678, a Portuguese Jesuit went to Ethiopia in 1634 and stayed there all his life. His Historia do Ethiopie, Coimbra 1659 was famous and translated in French (la Haye, 1728). There is another translation, made from a manuscript, not the original printed version, published in Amsterdam in 1728 also in 1728 as "Voyage historique d'Abysinnie. The text was also included in Thevenots Recueil de Voyages. Gay mentions two UK translations of the book, one in 1735 (Brunet 20812), another in 1789. Obviously the text remained important. However, our version London 1673, including the approval of the Council of the Royal Society that ordered the translation, dated 1668 is not mentioned by Brunet or Gay. Sales records also mention an English edition of 1669 so ours may not be the first, but rather the second edition.

Price: € 2200

Montalvo, F.A. de

El Sol del Nueuo Mundo....Toribio

Rome, Angel Bernavo.


(Palau 177319/ Sabin 50071/Streit II 2183).


(9) 540 (14) pp. Engraved title page + 2 engravings (3?)

"Sehr geschätzte Biographie die heute zu den seltenen Werken zählt" (Streit)

(Highly appreciated biography, nowadays listed among the rare works)

Two copies known (Patrimonio).

Price: € 4200

de Mattos, Eusebio


Primeira parte. Lisboa, Miguel Deslandes 1694. 12 nn leaves, 410 pp.

15 Sermoens

Price: € 2400