De Cosmosgraphiae rudimentis duplici editione ....


Proclus: de Spaera liber I

Cleomedis: de Mundo..libri II

Solensis: Phaenomena

Dionissius: Descriptio orbis

Basel, Petri 1561

(Zinner 1941:2267; Engelmann, 1982:58, note 180)

In octavo. Full calf over wooden boards, embossed and dated 1561.

Original clasps intact. Spine restored.

This is a wonderful Sammelband of geographical texts, 4 classical, Latin texts, and one early modern (Honter) text and atlas. It seems to have been in the Capuziner Monastery of Wyl, Switzerland, from the date of its imprint, 1561. It also seems to have been studied by its first owner, a monk called Georg Hibelius from Rhotylhensis, who underlined some text of the Proclus and signed the two books as being read and studied on October 7, 1561. He thereafter passed the book on to another monk, Lamentio Erlun in 1563. The book stayed in the library of the Capuciner monks until a part of the non-religious and oldest books were sold in 2015, with a vista buena of the Vatican. Here are the notes, found in the book:

(on inner cover) Various manuscript ownerships: Georgius ego voror regnomine gebel si repertis libru(m) reddito qJo mihi. Anno 63 (something like my name is George and if you find this book please return it to me)

(on title page) loci capucinorum fratres ... (like: of the place of the Capuchin brothers) and Georgius Hibelius Rothijlhensis mutuo dedit ........ E.... Anno 1563, Lamentio Erlun?? (like Georgius H from R gives (this book to) Lamentio Erlun). Two ink stamps: Bibliothecae F F Capuc. Wylae and Kapuziner Bibliothek Wil.

(at page 541) Iste liber finitus est septimo die octobris in VDM Schreckenfucsia. Anno salutis nostrae 1561. Erasmus Oswaldo Scheckenfuchsius writes the introduction to Proclus life and, as one the authors, seems to have been the first reader of this book.

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